Industrial Transformation MEXICO
October 7 - 9, 2020, Poliforum León, León, Guanajuato, Mexico

Why Attend Hannover Messe in Mexico - ITM 2019

As Industry 4.0 makes inroads, technological progress is redefining manufacturing processes, production and design facilities, distribution systems and global supply chains as a result of the digitalization of processes and the use of artificial intelligence. What this means is that, in the short term, small and mid-size companies will inevitably find themselves having to raise the quality bar, something they can only hope to achieve by modernizing their industrial facilities and training their human resources.

Since it was founded in 1947, Hannover Messe has gradually consolidated its reputation as the world’s largest gathering of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of technology and innovation. Seventy years down the line, the fair is now recognized for its invaluable contribution to the history of engineering. Industrial pioneers gravitate to Hannover Messe, which has witnessed the launch of technological innovations that have revolutionized the world, from the laptop and mobile telephone to satellite systems. The term “Industry 4.0 was coined right here and Hannover Messe is currently spearheading the agenda for the implementation of the 5G network worldwide.

Following Mexico’s exceptional participation as a partner country at Hannover Messe 2018, and in light of the boom the country’s industrial sector is currently experiencing, Deutsche Messe decided to organize the first Latin American edition of Hannover Messe in Mexico. Industrial Transformation Mexico (ITM 2019), as the event has been named, is slated to become the leading industrial transformation fair in Latin America.

ITM 2019 will take place on October 9-11 at the Poliforum León, Guanajuato, where Mexico will be putting itself forward as an industrial innovation partner par excellence. The facts speak for themselves: Mexico exports more mid- and -high-tech goods than any other G20 economy; we are the world’s fourth-largest vehicle exporter; the most competitive country in America in terms of aerospace manufacturing costs; and the world’s sixth-largest exporter of animation, video games, software and digital contents, to cite just a few examples. Clearly Mexico is rapidly on its way to becoming an Industry 4.0 leader in the region, reason why Deutsche Messe views us as a natural choice of venue to position an event of this magnitude.

This combination of strengths has turned ITM 2019 into a success story even before it has opened its doors. To date, over 140 exhibitors have confirmed their attendance, while 10,000 experts and 200 private- and public-sector leaders from Mexico and overseas are expected to turn out to help showcase Mexico’s present and future, with Industry 4.0 trends, innovations and launches never before seen in the region.

For all our industrial value chains in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, ICT, medical devices, metal-mechanical and other such sectors that are flourishing in dynamic industrial corridors like Bajío, ITM will be the perfect platform for sharing valuable information on aspects of the future of Industry 4.0, forging new partnerships and strengthening existing ties, not to mention a ticket to major industrial events that will be taking place parallel to ITM 2019, like the Annual Industrialists Meeting, the Mexico-Germany Bilateral Business Summit and the signing of the Bajío Alliance agreement.

Unlike the German edition of Hannover Messe, ITM will be taking an innovative approach by promoting educational programs focused on industrial activities, like the Dual Education Model. Many companies in Mexico already offer this program to harness the talent of the 223,000 STEM graduates the country produces each year.

ITM is expected to quickly become the leading industrial, educational and innovation fair in Mexico and Latin America. You can register free in advance on our microsite:

*By Eduardo López, Projects Director for Hannover Fairs Mexico.

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