Industrial Transformation MEXICO
October 7 - 9, 2020, Poliforum León, León, Guanajuato, Mexico

The Industry 4.0 Mentality

Last week I was in Entix, an event organized by Canieti to facilitate contact between small and mid-size companies and IT solutions providers in Guanajuato. There I had the chance to hear many stories about how enterprises operating in all kinds of sectors are incorporating Industry 4.0, from footwear manufacturers, agro-food businesses and carmakers to logistics and retail companies. I was happy to hear that more and more executives are excited about Industry 4.0 and are convinced it is not a budget issue, but a question of mentality.

Industry 4.0 can be compared to a spinal column in that it cross cuts, links and supports many industries. A lot of the conferences held at Entix reached the same conclusion: the time has come to implement Industry 4.0 solutions if we want to ensure our companies remain competitive. The first step is as simple as eliminating paper from our daily lives and digitalizing processes as far as possible.

There are three main components to this digital revolution: data, connectivity and analysis. These three ingredients have been present in industry for years, but what is novel is the change in mentality and the capacities we now have at our disposal, from data capturing via sensors to a level of connectivity deemed impossible 20 years ago.

These days companies can gather data across the board and translate it quickly and efficiently into business opportunities, be it to reduce costs, eliminate defects and accidents, or become more competitive on a globalized market.

According to the experts, there are two ways companies can implement Industry 4.0. The first is to learn about new technologies, i.e. train our employees in the innovations we can potentially apply, and the second is to implement these new technologies with a vision of the future, i.e. plan, assess and put into practice today the solutions that will make us more efficient and competitive tomorrow.

A major challenge is to encourage Mexico’s young people and executives to adopt a 4.0 mindset, which is precisely one of the goals of Industrial Transformation Mexico (ITM), the most important industrial fair of the year. The event will take place on October 9-11 at the Poliforum León in Guanajuato and will feature a program of more than 50 conferences intended to cultivate a 4.0 mentality and familiarize Mexico’s companies, especially small and mid-size ones, with the opportunities Industry 4.0 has to offer.

Topics such as digitalization, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, the 5G network and smart data are among the many we will be addressing in a bid to inculcate a 4.0 mentality in Mexico. Register today free of charge on our microsite at: and be a part of Industry 4.0.

The best way to begin applying this new mindset is not to put off transforming our companies, but to understand and learn about Industry 4.0 today. It’s a fascinating world and unescapable reality that awaits us all.


*Director-general of Hannover Fairs Mexico


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