Industrial Transformation MEXICO
October 7 - 9, 2020, Poliforum León, León, Guanajuato, Mexico

Strategic Partners, Associations and Industrial Leaders Have Acknowledged the Importance of ITM 2019

Mexico was a partner country at the 2018 edition of the world’s most prestigious industrial fair. A year ago, our country and our companies flexed their industrial muscle for the world to see and visitors were pleasantly surprised with what we had to show, from virtual reality innovations to software to communicate with robotic arms. Mexico sent out a strong message that set it apart as a country that leads the way in patents and exports of mid- and high-tech goods.

We simply couldn’t let this momentum go to waste. The result is Industrial Transformation MEXICO (ITM), the first Latin American edition of Hannover Messe that has gradually evolved into the successful reality it is today, with the numbers to back it. To date, more than 120 exhibitors and 10,000 industry experts have confirmed their attendance, in addition to 200 private- and public-sector leaders from Mexico and other countries. The event is part of a robust agenda that, together with the Concamin Annual Industrialists Meeting, will indubitably establish ITM as an Industry 4.0 yardstick in Latin America.

ITM will showcase Mexico as an industrial innovation partner par excellence in keeping with the augenhöhe concept i.e. a partner on a par with global leaders. The leading G20 exporter of mid- and high-tech goods, Mexico is also ranked third on the global digital transformation index and manufacturing accounts for approximately 16% of our GDP.

We are pleased to say that ITM 2019 has shaped up as an industrial, educational and innovation platform that will shore up the role of Mexican industry globally. Our goal is to establish the event—which will take place on October 9-11 at the Poliforum León in León, Guanajuato— as a benchmark for all those interested in industrial transformation, automation, digital manufacturing, smart logistics and related fields. Here we will be discussing the present and future of Mexico in the context of Industry 4.0 trends, innovations and launches.

Several strategic partners, local and international  associations and industrial leaders have already acknowledged the importance of the event as a platform for promoting the country’s economic development, reason why it has garnered the support of the Government of Guanajuato, the Mexican Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN), the Technology, Manufacturing and Solutions Association (ATMS), the Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMEXA), the National Electronics, Telecommunications and IT Industry Chamber (CANIETI), the Mexican-German Entrepreneurs Association (EMAAC), the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and Siemens, which will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in Mexico within the framework of the event.

For all these reasons and more, ITM 2019 looks set to become a platform for the forging of new partnerships, the strengthening of existing ties and the sharing of valuable information that will determine the future of industry.

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