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October 7 - 9, 2020, Poliforum León, León, Guanajuato, Mexico

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SIEMENS: the dream of a tech leader in Mexico

This year, Siemens of Germany celebrates its 125th anniversary in Mexico, a fact it attributes to a long-term innovation and technological development strategy designed to transform Mexican society and improve the quality of life of Mexicans.

The company has played a major role in Mexico’s technological evolution with solutions for the electrification, automation and digitalization of key industries like mining, manufacturing and energy.

One of its goals is to help Mexico transition to cleaner sources of energy with the aid of new technologies for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Approximately 50% of the electricity distributed in Mexico makes use of Siemens’ products and solutions, and by 2050 the company aims to become the main builder of co-generation plants, with a view to helping the country achieve its target of generating 50% of its electricity from clean energies.

Likewise, Siemens’ mobility solutions and smart buildings contribute to the development of sustainable cities that have a positive impact on the quality of their residents’ lives.

This philosophy is evident from inside the ranks of the organization itself—Siemens was the first industrial enterprise in the world to commit to a zero emissions target by 2030.

Committed to Innovation and Development

A leading tech company, Siemens has invested some USD$625,000 in R&D in Mexico, mainly in the areas of cybersecurity, additive manufacturing, data analysis, the simulation and development of digital twins and energy storage.

Siemens’ digitalization technologies now drive industry, helping reduce time to market by 50%, boost production by more than 20% and improve energy efficiency by 30%.

Since it came to Mexico in 1894, Siemens has focused on meeting the needs of society and setting megatrends in industry with innovative solutions. During this time, it has made a tangible contribution to the evolution of industry and the transformation of Mexican society.

This year, as it celebrates its 125th anniversary, Siemens reaffirms its commitment to employing cutting-edge technology to build a more sustainable future for Mexico and improving the quality of life of Mexicans.