Industrial Transformation MEXICO
October 6 - 8, 2021, Poliforum León - Guanajuato

Industry 4.0 and Mexico’s Economic Environment

The SE underscored the importance of cooperation with Germany in promoting direct foreign investment in regional innovation

By Bern Rohde, CEO of Hannover Fairs Mexico

On Tuesday, September 3, we attended a board meeting of Industrial Transformation Mexico’s (ITM) advisory committee at the Ministry of the Economy (SE). It was a very productive session that gave us an overview of where Industry 4.0 is headed from the SE’s perspective.

At the meeting, SE representatives outlined three priority goals: promote the exports of small and mid-size companies, diversify Mexico’s exports and build on the economic strengths of each region of the country.

The latter consists of supporting industries that already exist and that are well enough established to enjoy a comparative advantage.

These goals can only be achieved by promoting direct foreign investment in innovation in each region, an area in which the SE believes cooperation with Germany is vital in its search for companies specializing in specific industries that can close gaps in production.

According to SE officials, technology is an enabling tool for all sectors, reason why Industry 4.0 has been identified as one of the cross-cutting components of PROSOFT, the SE’s flagship program.

PROSOFT not only supports the generation of technology, but the creation of consortia and consulting firms to identify processes and scale them.

Permanence and the transfer of knowledge are guaranteed by an academic institution, which participates by providing know-how and certifications.

This semi-public model works side-by-side with companies that also put up resources, making this a collaborative initiative for the sharing of know-how and experience.

The idea is to set up sustainable industrial innovation centers to mitigate risks and boost capacity nationwide.

Finally, the SE officials talked about the development of an Industry 4.0 platform that is not limited to the SE, but takes a broader approach, involving industry and academia in the creation of working groups on specific topics to identify needs and provide solutions.

This type of positive dynamic that has the ability to get different actors working together and promote a broad range of technologies is indubitably a priority for Industrial Transformation Mexico (ITM), which will bring over 200 public- and private-sector leaders together on October 9-11, 2019, at Poliforum León, Guanajuato, to discuss Mexico’s digital transformation and new, participative smart manufacturing opportunities that promote social equality.