October 4 - 6, 2023, Poliforum León - Guanajuato
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Wanted: Female Inventors

There are very few female inventors in the world and information on their achievements is even scanter
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Hannover Messe 2021: A Driver of Industrial Transformation

The 2021 edition of Hannover Messe, which will take place on April 12-16 in a digital format, aims to contribute to the economic reactivation of global industry
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Siemens to Launch 5G Network at Hannover Messe

It will be interesting to see how much influence this edition will have on Mexico’s export manufacturing systems
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Hannover Messe 2021 in León: Making the Future Possible

The 2021 edition of Industrial Transformation México, the Hannover Messe of Mexico and Latin America, will take place at the Poliforum León in Guanajuato on October 6-8, marking the third consecutive year it has been held at this venue.
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Industry 4.0: Strengthening Ties of Cooperation within the Pacific Alliance

The Pacific Alliance is a watershed when it comes to integration mechanisms. If it is true that geography shapes our destiny, then the Alliance has a strategic foot in this century as a mechanism that addresses the challenges of the international economy, based on a logic that takes into account criteria of productivity and competitiveness. In...
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ITM: Committed to Innovation and Talent in Mexico

Yesterday marked the opening of the Annual Industrialists’ Meeting (RAI) and Industrial Transformation México (ITM), the Hannover Messe of Mexico and Latin America. It was a truly important moment for Deutsche Messe —a German state-owned company that organizes over 110 tradeshows a year— because this was our fourth virtual event ever, marking a change of...
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ITM and RAI 2020 Take Industry into the New Digital Era Starting Today

By Manuel Pérez Cárdenas, Concamin Chief of Staff Last year, RAI 2019 and the first edition of Industrial Transformation México set a milestone for the future of industry in Mexico by consolidating the first joint effort by the private sector, government and academia to put the country on the promising path to Industry 4.0.
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What Would Happen if Our Digital System Got “Sick”?

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, has opened up the possibility of creating and executing practically everything we can imagine.
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The Key Role of Quality Infrastructure in the Development of Industry 4.0

By Daniel Solterbeck, Coordinator of the Global Project Quality Infrastructure (GPQI) in Mexico
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