Industrial Transformation MEXICO
October 6 - 8, 2021, Poliforum León - Guanajuato

After Three Intense Days of Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions and Cooperation Agreement Signings, the Hannover Messe fair Industrial Transformation Mexico Came to an End on Friday, October 11

Mexico City, October 11, 2019. For the last three days, the city of León, Guanajuato has been hosting a very successful first edition of #ITM2019. The initial goal had been to attract 10,000 visitors, but this figure was surpassed on day one alone. A total of 265 Mexican and international exhibitors from more than ten countries were present—60% more than originally anticipated. Thousands of small and mid-size companies, students and young people from the region attended the 70-plus free conferences, workshops and seminars organized as part of the event, facilitating the leap to a 4.0 mentality and establishing León as an economic benchmark in Mexico and worldwide.

CONCAMIN organized its Annual Industrialists Meeting (RAI) to coincide #ITM2019, Industry 4.0 and social inclusion being the main topics of the meeting and ones that are also of great importance to the global digital agenda in general and Mexico in particular. The establishment of an industry week such as this is highly significant because it indicates Mexico is pooling efforts to put the country on course to achieving the economic growth, social equality and equitable development that are so critical to its future.

Attending the closing ceremony were Minister of the Economy Graciela Márquez Colín, Minister of the Interior Olga Sánchez Cordero and head of the Office of the Presidency Alfonso Romo, who bore a video message from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At the ceremony, Guanajuato Governor Diego Sinhue said that one of the most noteworthy outcomes of RAI and ITM 2019 was the signing of the Center-Bajío-West Alliance, which aims to promote this region of Mexico as one of the largest economies in Latin America, with a view to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants and fostering the development of these states.  

Organized by women for women, the ITMujeres program advocated the participation of women in Industry 4.0 and highlighted how innovation, technology and a spirit of entrepreneurship are driving gender equality and the empowerment of women. Gracing the floor were women who have made successful Industry 4.0 careers for themselves, like Catherine Morris, Yoloxochitl Bustamante and Claudia Gómez Llamas, among others, all of whom believe that the societies of the future should not and cannot exclude half the population from the task of creating prosperous economies based on scientific and technological know-how.

Hannover Messe Mexico Director Bernd Rohde thanked the exhibitors, visitors and students who made ITM—the first Hannover Messe fair in Latin America—such a resounding success, especially the country’s industrial leaders who are the ones behind the industrial transformation of Mexico.

Rohde then went on to say that, in the opinion of Deustche Messe CEO Jochen Koeckler, ITM was the best launch Hannover Messe has ever made globally. Likewise, Joe Kaeser, Global CEO of Siemens, said that ITM ranked among the best events he had ever attended in Latin America and Dieter Kempf, president of the BDI, Germany’s equivalent of CONCAMIN, said he was taken aback at the high standard of the forums and the level of interest in them, particularly the launch of the Mexico-Germany Bilateral Summit.

Economy Minister Graciela Márquez said she was confident Mexico’s transition to Industry 4.0 would not be synonymous with inequality. Technological progress must help us close the inequality gap between regions and with other Mexicans, she said, adding that the importance of promoting gender equality cannot be stressed enough and that she was pleased to see so many young women at the event.

Together, the Government of Guanajuato, RAI and ITM have established this as the industrial event of the year, not just in Mexico, but in all of Latin America. The term “Industry 4.0” was coined at the 2011 edition of Hannover Messe and Mexican industry has picked up the gauntlet. No doubt the pioneering spirt of its business community will lead Mexico to spearhead the next trend that changes the face of global industry.

We cordially invite you to join us again on October 7-9 in León, Guanajuato for the 2020 edition of ITM!