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2019 will see Russia and China advancing in global AI market


According to Markets and Markets Research the volume of AI products in China could reach up to US$20bln this year and Russia US$3bln. Global Artificial Intelligence Market is estimated to worth 190.61 Billion USD by 2025 form which China’s and Russia’s share will make 30% and 5% respectively.

Sergey Sviridov, Head of R&D at Zyfra Group, Finn-Russian major AI and IoT developer:

In 2019 will hopefully bring improvements to existing AI methods and AI based technologies and create new ones.

In particular, deep reinforcement learning, that have achieved great results in playing video games and games like go, chess and shoji beyond human level, will be making it’s way into the industry, given new developments in safety and robustness of these methods, – it will be carefully tested in industrial process control applications as well as in vehicle routing, fleet management, job shop scheduling and other optimization tasks. Also this field of AI will be used in medical applications, for example, to optimize treatment plans, as well as in finance to make optimal decision in portfolio management and debt collection process.

Unsupervised learning methods like GANs will be more used in medical and fashion industries – in medicine they will be used for rapid scientific discovery of new drugs, and in fashion – to generate new more realistic designs.

Besides, we will see improvements in now common applications of natural language processing and computer vision. The new developments and discoveries in NLP will make our smart devices like smart speakers understand us better and engage in more meaningful conversations. Computer vision algorithms will also become more accurate and will be widely used in self-driving cars, retail and industrial safety systems”.

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