October 4 - 6, 2023, Poliforum León - Guanajuato
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  • ITM 2022 is the ideal platform to establish and continue the dialogue. Here, developments and innovations for forward-looking companies, whose digital and intelligent production processes also offer great opportunities, are showcased. The impetus for innovation comes from new ideas that are found in innovation spaces such as the ITM.

    Wolfgang Dold
    Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mexico
  • This confederation is committed to enable and consolidate our aggregates as leaders of Industry 4.0 with new ideas, initiatives and strategies to the national industry, which requires strategic allies such as Industrial Transformation Mexico to modernize and face the complexities of an increasingly digitized world.
    We want our members to be leaders in innovation by maximizing collaborative ecosystems and creating synergies and strengthening alliances for development.

    José Abugaber Andonie
    President of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers:
  • As representatives of high-tech industries, CANIETI recognizes the value of our sector and the impact we generate through technology, such as connectivity and digitization to innovate lifestyles, work modalities, distance education, e-commerce and very importantly, medical advances that are saving lives. Technological disruption is part of all aspects of our society.

    We must take advantage of the opportunities; face the challenges and reduce the great inequalities, seeking to shorten the digital divide.

    Enrique Yamuni
    National President of CANIETI
  • Digital transformation is a catalyst for recovery, economic growth, and sustainable development. The combination of green and digital transition, called Twin Transition, involves the use of technological and digital solutions to drive climate action and sustainability. To decarbonize the economy and promote circular production models, driving the Twin Transition is key. In addition, it is important to harmonize regulatory frameworks internationally to make this transition fair, safe, compatible, and interoperable around the world.


    Marita Brömmelmeier
    GIZ Mexico Resident Director
  • Since the first edition of the ITM, KAS has participated as a speaker and facilitator of dialogue between representatives of business chambers, state governments and academia to promote innovation, regional economic development and intersectoral linkages.

    We are convinced that in this new edition we will continue to consolidate spaces and institutional alliances to achieve greater growth in the Bajío region and help improve the living conditions of its inhabitants.

    Hans Blomeier
    Representative in Mexico of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
  • ITM’s fourth edition is the consolidation of the best Industry 4.0 fair in Mexico and Latin America, becoming a major force for the industrial development of Guanajuato and the whole country.
    Furthermore, it will promote the transition to Industry 4.0, renewable energies, and sustainable production. It will contribute in a very important way for Guanajuato to continue taking off in the knowledge economy to move from manufacturing to mindfacturing. I invite you to experience ITM 2022.

    Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo
    Governor of the State of Guanajuato
  • As a leonesa, I am proud and delighted to welcome you. It is a pleasure to cordially greet you on behalf of all the inhabitants of our beautiful León, Guanajuato. We are very excited to welcome Industrial Transformation Mexico back to our city, which will be your home for the next few days.
    Rest assured that we are working to make this first-class event a success and to keep it in our city every year, so that every attendee will LIVE LEÓN.

    Alejandra Gutiérrez
    Mayor of León
  • Today, we are drivers of the digital transformation that is taking place in the country, contributing with our technologies, our experience and sharing our knowledge with the young talents that will take Industry 4.0 to the next level.

    We want to pave the way to a more sustainable and equitable future for all through purposeful technology. That’s why we provide the technologies needed to decarbonize industries to make a difference in the world. We believe in the power of innovation and its impact when scaled through ecosystems that involve business, government, academia, and society at large.

    Alejandro Preinfalk
    President and CEO of Siemens Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
  • A smart factory is only as smart as the network that connects it, it is essential to optimize your manufacturing operations to maximize the productivity of your business.
    Let’s safely adapt to meet our customers’ changing demands and business needs. Let’s leverage scalable and secure 4G and 5G private wireless networks to achieve a more flexible manufacturing environment that helps us dynamically adjust operations and processes to meet our business needs while protecting your data and intellectual property.

    Alejandro Cortes
    Director of Nokia North Latin America Businesses
  • It is time to adapt industries to new technologies, to make them more resilient by optimizing electrical energy. It is time to take a step further on the road to sustainability, automating and digitizing processes. For our planet and the generations to come, we propose solutions that integrate products connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In this way, every industry can operate more efficiently, while generating and analyzing – with the support of specialized software – transcendental information to make decisions that reduce their ecological impact and optimize costs.

    Jesús Carmona
    President and CEO Schneider Electric Mexico and Central America
  • If we want to transform the industry in Mexico, it is necessary that large companies continue to mature their comprehensive digital transformation strategy where solutions and professional services converge to solve specific industry needs. At Logicalis we work every day to help take the transition step to the future through a correct orientation of the needs of businesses and industries, offering high value-added verticalized technological solutions to all industries in the country. All of this, with the purpose of achieving a real technological advancement in our country.

    Carlos Brito
    Executive Director of Logicalis NoLA
  • Integrated Solutions offer support to provide a system throughout its life cycle. With our Integrated Solutions, we respond flexibly to user needs by seamlessly providing the three processes of consulting, engineering, and maintenance and operation.

    To do this, it is vital to use digital twins that intricately reproduce a real space within the digital space. Safe and intelligent maintenance and operation can be realized by reproducing the real space of the customer’s operating environment in a digital space, identifying the best operating conditions and then applying them to the real operating environment.

    Felipe Rivera, General Manager
    Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Mexico & Latin America
  • With this type of technological tools, experts, from their laptop, tablet or cell phone, link through the platform with technicians, who use smart glasses connected to the application to solve unexpected problems as soon as possible, regardless of where the expert technician is located, which directly impacts the operating costs of companies. Driving the digitization of core operations and the adoption of a hybrid workforce is essential to the new industrial ecosystem.

    Rogelio Rocha
    General Manager of Zoom in Mexico

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Industrial Transformation Mexico 2023

October 4 – 6, 2023
Poliforum, León, Guanajuato

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